Monday, January 2, 2012

Tool # 3

I use YouTube clips during our morning routine.  We view them when we go over our monthly calendar on ActiveInspire in the language of the day.  Tool # 3 has taught me to link videos on our Calendar flip chart which is a time saver!  

Discovery Education is another site I find useful in my classroom.  I've used it during math and science lessons to give my students a better understanding of the concepts being taught.     

Copyright and Fair Use-  It's clear that people are not allowed to use copyrighted material unless one pays for a license or gains permission.  Although vague, the Fair Use law allows educators to use such material under certain circumstances and exceptions.  I've always known to give credit where credit is due when using such material in my classroom.    

Days of the Week on YouTube    

Months of the Year song on YouTube

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