Monday, January 9, 2012

Tool # 6

TodaysMeet is an interactive tool that can be used in the classroom.  It is another way to facilitate teacher/student communication.  TodaysMeet involves students who are reluctant to share thoughts and opinions when in a discussion forum.   With TodaysMeet, students are able to participate . I found this form of technology simple to use.  I will use TodaysMeet to check for understanding and/or gather opinions about a particular subject from students.    

TodaysMeetCarballo    link

Wallwisher is another tool I will integrate in my classroom.  I like Wallwisher because it wasn't long ago when students were getting up to post sticky notes on chart paper stating what they knew or would like to know about an American heroe.  Wallwisher does that for you.   

Wallwisher link :

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  1. Wouldn'nt Today's Meet just be a great way to get the day started? You could have a thought-provoking question up on the Activboard and have metbooks/iPod touches at table groups for them to discuss and post! Wallwisher is another great tool! Think about how students could post ideas on a topic at a work station and then y'all could classify together on the Activboard.