Monday, January 23, 2012

Tool # 9

Integrating technology with objectives in the classroom can serve as a benefit to students because it gives students the opportunity to use technology that is used in everyday life with devices they are familiar with.  Technology surrounds us more than ever before and educators need to take note of it.  It is suggested that teachers should include technology in their lesson plans or set apart time to learn by using net books, itouches/iPods, or whatever equipment they have available in the classroom.  

To measure the mastery of the objective, students need to be held accountable for the work created.  Rubrics, brief reflections, explanations of what they did through a voice recorder, and other forms of assessments should be in place. 

I enjoyed Mangahigh and Learning Games for Kids.  With Mangahigh I was able to import my class roster to monitor student activity and accountability.  At Learning Games for Kids I was able to access all sorts of activities for all subjects.  It's like a one-stop-shop. 

I can use Mangahigh at stations because each student can log in individually.  I usually don't have students rotate stations because of time and because I want each student to invest their energy and time allocated for stations to the fullest.  

I would choose either one of the science flash card activities the database offers because there are science terms students need to practice.  I can have student pairs share an iTouch since I only have 4 of them.  I would hold them accountable by writing a brief reflection in their journals or new words they have learned. 

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