Monday, February 6, 2012

Tool # 11

TodaysMeet is one of my favorite tools.  I like TodaysMeet because it promotes discussion in class.  It is another way students can communicate with me and others.  I have noticed that some students communicate better through writing than verbally, and using TodaysMeet can serve that purpose. 

A website I find useful during my lesson planning time is the Springbranch database where I'm able to find Web 2.0 tools, flipcharts, ipod & ipad apps.  So far I have used 3 math flipcharts obtained from the database.  

The University of Houston did a good job preparing me for my classroom and although they trained us on how to use some technology in the classroom, I feel they should have done more.  This program has helped me realize that there are plenty of websites, apps, and electronic devices that can be used to educate students.    

I have included a center where students created their own flipcharts.  For example, last week we learned about 2 and 3-D shapes.  After my lesson, I set up their netbooks at a workstation and they created a shape using other shapes and had to tell me, by typing, what shapes they used.    

An unexpected outcome was that at first I thought training students on how to use a website or device would be diffictult, but it seems they are quick learners.  There were times where they discovered something new and later taught me what they knew.             

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